Anne pro 2 new effects not working after firmware update

anne pro 2 new effects not working after firmware update

anne pro 2 new effects not working after firmware update

Hello, I have just received my Anne Pro 2 a couple hours ago. It was working good and then I have installed ObinsKit and installed firmware update. Is taid that it was installed successfully and showed the screen with the devices list. the keeb wasn't in the devices list, so I unplugged it and plugged again and it showed as USB HID-IAP.

downloaded the new obins starter (1.0.11) but the new light effects (poptang, breath (trigger) and rainbow (trigger)) are not working, if i apply them the lighting doesnt change (stays on previous profile) i have newest firmware (app proc 2.03, light proc 2.06, bluetooth proc 1.00) windows 10. …

Anne Pro 2 just received a new firmware update and obinslab containing 3 new light effects (Poptang, Breath (trigger) and Rainbow (trigger)).But I was not able to understand what the last two (Breath (trigger) and Rainbow (trigger)) should do, because they seem to have the same effect as the Breath or Rainbow.Has anyone understood how these two effects work?

Problem #2: Anne Pro Not Working on Windows 10. Another user reported that his Anne Pro keyboard had stopped working all of a sudden because the computer couldn’t recognize the device when connected via USB. He tried resetting the keyboard, unplugging it from the PC, then restarting the computer; all of which did not work. The port seemed to be working fine because he tried plugging a ...

 · I got my Anne Pro 2 today, downloaded the Obinslab Starter software, and noticed there was a firmware update available. Started that process, it downloaded the firmware and then locked up the entire computer. Rebooted the computer, but the keyboard now appears to be totally dead -- can't get the lights to come on, key press doesn't work, nothing.

 · If your Anne pro 2 isn't typing watch this video. This video shows you how to access the software and download the proper firmware for the keyboard. This gli...

 · If the video helps you, little things makes me happy just like and subscribe! I don't know if it will work for you, but it worked for me. This is what I did ...

 · Pardon my keycaps kinda sucks.

Any Idea if the new Anne Pro 2 works like a regular keyboard on boot and allows you to access a Legacy BIOS, my current Anne Pro 1 cannot access the BIOS using FN+0 (F10) and I suspect it's to do with the function layer, I am hoping this has been addressed in the new model as not being able to access my BIOS with my Keyboard is rather ridiculous to be honest, my Corsair K95 RGB can and it's ...

 · Firmware update, the keyboard came with firmware 1.4 installed however I flashed it a bunch of times and still the lights are not working. This keyboard was intended as a gift, so the RGB lights were a key selling point and with them not working at all on this keyboard I am getting frustrated with no response from banggood for several days now.

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