How to use ps3 minimal firmware checker

how to use ps3 minimal firmware checker

how to use ps3 minimal firmware checker

Next step you need to run software called minimum version checker on the PS3 find it here. Get a USB stick format to fat32 file system (fat32 file formatter here) on your PC make a directory called PS3, and in the PS3 directory make another called UPDATE. Step 3 - rename the file you downloaded MVC to PS3UPDAT.PUP now put the renamed file PS3UPDAT.PUP in the update folder of the USB stick ...

This PUP will display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3. Minimum Version Checker (MinVerChk). Things you will need: 1. MinVerChk, PS3, and a Computer... (duh) 2. USB Flash Drive. (Formatted to "FAT32" O N L Y = Not "NTFS", Nor "exFAT") 3. Time- A few minute learning curve the first time. (after that, it shouldn't even take a whole minute) Steps: 1. Create a new-folder in the ROOT of …

 · Before you spend your time and effort to get a hardware flasher to downgrade your PS3, let's first find out if it can even support firmware below 3.55! See the video and get the below files to get ...

 · Step 1: Download the MinVerChk.rar (from the link provided above) and extract the .pup file using WinRar. Step 2: Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP onto the USB Flash Drive in the PS3/UPDATE/ folder. Step 3: Power on your PS3 and navigate to the "System Update" option in the settings. Step 4: Choose "Update Via Media Storage".

 · Using MinVerChk to see what the minimum firmware your Ps3 came with. Just unzip the file and drop it on a flash drive. Must be in this order for the update to recognize. PS3 - UPDATE - PS3UPDAT ...

 · ps3 minimum firmware checker avoid bricking.I take no credit for this, the source can be found HERE

PS3 MinVerChk (Minimum Version Checker) 2017-12-20. Displays your PS3s Base-Factory-Firmware -Ifcaro. Overview; Extra Info; Reviews (2) Version History; Discussion; Version Release Date Downloads Average Rating ; 2017-12-20: Dec 20, 2017: 93,359: 5 / 5, 3 ratings. Download: Log in with Facebook; Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my ...

 · Here's another handy guide compilation from our old site courtesy of @misiozol, @Brenza and @HeyManHRU covering jailbreakable and downgradable PS3 models, and how to check the PlayStation 3 Base Firmware with MinVerChk. Is my PS3 jailbreakable? Currently 3.55 PS3 Firmware consoles are hackable (up to 3.56 with a Flasher) and 4.XX PS3 Firmware consoles are …

 · WARNING: Use those softwares at your own risk. The author accepts no responsibility for the consequences of your use of them. Check the readme of each folders for details. Note: Windows users can use the Standalone Packages instead of python scripts (no need to install python in that case) Thanks to all PS3 dev. community. Many thanks to LS ...

MVC Firmware Checker tries updating my PS3 to 4.83 So I'm trying to hack my PS3, following instructions to check my minimum firmware. I put the USB drive together, plug it in, turn on the PS3, go to System Update, and all I get is "The latest update data was found.

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