Ps4 pro identify the firmware version

ps4 pro identify the firmware version

ps4 pro identify the firmware version

Version 8.01. This system software update improves system performance. Version 8.00 Main features in the system software update. The following changes have been made to Party and Messages. When starting a party, you can now choose to create a new group or select an existing group.

Click on a Firmware version to see the change log. PS4 System Software Ver. 8.01; PS4 System Software Ver. 8.00; PS4 System Software Ver. 7.55; PS4 System Software Ver. 8.00 (Beta) PS4 System Software Ver. 7.51; PS4 System Software Ver. 7.50; PS4 System Software Ver. 7.02; PS4 System Software Ver. 7.01; PS4 System Software Ver. 6.71; PS4 System ...

sorry to bother you. I'm 99% sure this has been answered before, but sadly I could not find the answer. Due to the news of 5.05 exploit going public (hopefully in the next month or two). I want to finally buy a ps4 pro. Problem is that I'm not sure if there is a version out there with higher firmware out of the box.


 · Most local shops will let you check the firmware version if you explain your situation. Remember they just want to sell stuff, not judge you on why you want to buy a lower firmware console. “I’m a tinkerer and need a console on firmware 5.05 or below in order to install Linux, I’m not interested in a more recent firmware” usually gets the point across 🙂 Note: the Amazon links below ...

Base Firmware Notes Standard PS4 Pro EU CUH-7116B Jet black / Glacier White 1TB none Color matching with console 5.50 Picture of Ronaldo (FIFA 19) on the back. Console uses C13 cable for power. Standard PS4 Pro IN CUH-7108B Jet black 1TB none DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2E 5.50

 · With the release of a kernel exploit for 4.05 I'm sure a lot of people will start looking where to buy a ps4/ps4 pro/ps4 slim within the correct firmware range. I think it would be a good idea to have a thread to share the firmware you got with your ps4, when and where do you buy it and also if it was a regular/slim or pro version. I tried looking for some info but only found a thread in ...

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